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I’m moving on

Soon it will be as if you never existed
All the pain and disappointment fuck you are twisted
The lies will vanish along with the sadness
Your face will be forgotten along with your madness
One day I will smile again and not think of you
I’ll forget all my tears and rage brought by the things you do
I am entering a normal life where I’m not the bad guy
People here wont abuse me like you did with your lies
Go away, live the life you want , own it
It’s no longer my concern, now this is my moment 
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Poetry mends the heart

Stop haunting me, you wanted out
You’re getting everything you wanted right now
What? You miss me?
Maybe you should have thought before you dismissed me
So what if I was the only person you had
You should have treated me better and I wouldn’t be so mad
What’s stopping you from moving on
You pulled the plug and still aren’t gone
Maybe you want to use me just a little more
Does it make you feel good when you’re a monster
With all the pain you bring and make my life a disaster
Go away, leave me alone
It’s not my life anymore that you own
#poem #poetry #breakups